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"The best thing I like about the team is that they are very ethical and effective, they turn around based on the requirements, schedules etc, and are very result oriented."
"I have been working with PRHUB team for the past 2 years. The team have been extremely professional and the quality of deliverables has been timely and creative."
"PRHUB suggested that we articulate the core concept of our value proposition before we jump into developing our communication plan. We jointly evolved a framework for this exercise and it was well executed by Xavier and team that helped us zero in on the concept that we needed to communicate across all internal & external touch points. I think this was an important exercise that has enabled us to optimize our messaging effectiveness besides providing better clarity to the management."
"The team at PRHUB understood our business model better and became like the inhouse team in all aspects concerning branding and communication. They brought in inputs and provided valuable advice in many areas which was of value to us. I would say they laid the foundation for communication of our innovative and unique business model besides our flagship productized service called LivServ. I look forward to working with the team again and am happy with the value received during the engagement.”
"We have worked with PRHUB from the time Magma officially established operations in India in 2003 and the relationship has evolved over time. We work together as partners where they are responsible for media relations, trade relations, event coordination, content and design support among others. In my view, they are proactive, have good understanding of the media in India and are very open to feedback. I have also found them to be very committed particularly when it comes to very tight turnaround times.”
"MeritTrac being an entrepreneurial firm on a fast growth curve, we were keen to work with a PR firm that is flexible, understands our unique market space, is proactive in positioning us aggressively in the media and more importantly, one that gives senior management mindshare. I am happy to say that we found an ideal partner in PRHUB. In the one-year of our association, they have added value in areas beyond media relations. The partnership shows potential and we look forward to working with PRHUB in the medium and long-term.”
"Thank you very much for the nicely developed and succinct talking notes. I understand that we enjoyed much success in the media following the Inaugural ISA event. I found the whole organization of ISA, and your role, pointing to much future success."
"I began working with PRHUB due to personal comfort levels with its Head. As the relationship progressed, however discovered that the firm has a unique process of identifying and nurturing very committed people who espouse and represent the same values. Of the firm, I found them to be very reliable and true partners. So much so that when it comes to media relations and other areas of communication, we leave it to PRHUB to drive the activities completely after the initial brief.”
"Xavier is committed to a vision to uplift India's mediocre PR industry. He is attempting to build a holistic communications business that integrates PR both within and outside the firm; not just one that gets measured in column centimetres."
"PRHUB has a really committed team which is focussed on the deliverables committed. I found them a true public relations organization. We look forward to working with them in the future."
“Our relationship with PRHUB was quite productive and they are good at media relations. We received the right advice and am happy with the service they provided NextLinx during my stint at the firm."